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Villas Aqua - Beaches

Your Residence, Your Way

Everyone likes to have choices.

Some say that the truest measure of a person’s quality of life can be determined by the choices they have before them and which ones they make. Whether you opt to explore our own private beach, walk just a few minutes to the nearby beach at Playa Secreto or take the private shuttle to Fatima Beach in the heart of downtown Puerto Aventuras, there are a variety of ways to experience the Mexican Caribbean at Villas Aqua, of course, you could always opt to spend a day (or more!) enjoying the peacefulness of The Caleta, a small private bay made famous by its crystal clear, waist-deep water and ancient Mayan ruin. Either way, what you do and how you do it is always your choice. 

Enjoy Your Very Own Highly Exclusive Beach

Villas Aqua offers access to its very own private beach, which is located right next to the lagoon. Here, you can chill out in a hammock under the swaying palms, relax in the warm tropical sunshine or take a paddle board out to explore the clear turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

Villas Aqua - Private Beach

Playa Secreto

The locals call this secluded strip of soft white sand “Secret Beach.” From Villas Aqua, you can follow a hidden path to this stunning little beach, perfect for relaxing all day, enjoying a massage or renting jet ski’s to explore offshore.

Villas Aqua - Secret Beach

Puerto Aventuras Beach

Stretching across Fatima Bay, this is the main beach of Puerto Aventuras. Here, you can enjoy fresh seafood, local specialties and more, along with delicious cocktails from the Omni Hotel. Or, you can opt to simply relax on the white sand beach. Special discounts for the many offerings at Puerto Aventuras Beach are available to members of the beach club.

Villas Aqua - Beach Club

The Caleta

For thousands of years the ancient Mayans knew about this beautiful bay near downtown Puerto Aventuras. They even constructed a temple to the gods here that is still standing today. The waist deep crystal clear water is the perfect place to stay cool in the war Caribbean sunshine.

Villas Aqua - The Caleta

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