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40,000 mts2 Lot with 2 cenotes

at $450,000 USD

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this stunning 4 hectares Tulum land lot for sale, located just four kilometers outside of Tulum and less than one-hour south of Playa del Carmen on the main Cancun-Chetumal Highway in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The ideal location provides easy access to the Caribbean Sea as well as some of the area’s ancient Mayan ruins.

4,000 mts2 lot - location
4,000 mts2 Lot with cenote locations
A longtime backpacker’s paradise and home to the best beaches in the world, Tulum evolved into a playground for the world’s top jetsetters and is still expanding to accommodate the growing tourism demands of international travelers. This land lot also boasts not one but two cenotes, which are natural pits in the Yucatan Peninsula’s limestone bedrock that open to breathtaking underground rivers.
While these cenotes might not look like much now, they can be cracked open and expanded as we’ve shown here in our examples, which include a hotel that has been built around a cenote river as well as a cenote pool, providing countless opportunities for tourism development. The best part is that Tulum still offers an amazing real estate investment opportunity for buyers, so contact us today and don’t let this amazing land lot slip away!
  • 4,000 mts2 Lot Cenote Hole
    1 of 2 cenote holes in the 4,000 mts2 lot that can be expanded.
  • Cenote Expansion Example
    Example: Hotel around cenote river
  • Cenote Expansion Example
    Example: Hotel around cenote river
  • Cenote Expansion Example
    Example: Cenote pool in development
  • Ce
    Example: Cenote pool in development
40,000 mts2 lot with cenotes at $450,000 USD
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