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Zulim 34 Top Image

Zulim 34

Eco-friendly living in Playa del Carmen

Located at 34th St. and 35th Avenue, Zulim 34 is part of a new, green seal certified eco-friendly development offering state of the art condos for sale in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen and just a few meters from 5th Avenue.

This project strives for balance and it's concept is based on a combination of sustainable practices, eco-friendly architecture and the use of renewable energy, as well as principles of permaculture and sustainability through incorporating local resources.

Zulim 34 Front View
Zulim 34 Roof Top
Green walls installed on each terrace and surrounding all of the condos use a combination of natural and artificial foliage to help maintain cool temperatures inside. Zulim 34 also features solar panels installed on the main terrace to generate energy for the eco-friendly development’s common areas and reduce the maintenance fee for all residents. LED lights are also installed in the common areas, which significantly reduces energy consumption.
The Zulim 34 eco development uses both natural and local resources. The eco-friendly condos feature local materials, which supports regional communities and also contributes to a lower carbon footprint during construction. The green seal certified building is designed to allow smaller amounts of sun and heat into the condos, which helps keep them cool inside all year long.
Zulim 34 Roof Top Pool
Zulim 34 Rollaway Bed
Zulim 34 has a total of 16 two-bedroom units and every condo has a master bedroom as well as a multi-purpose room. With a rollaway bed, you can easily transform the living room into a perfectly suited guest-room with its very own full bath, and with the help of our cleverly designed sliding doors, you can still maintain total privacy.
Prices starting at $139,000 USD
Zulim 34 Location Map
Features and Highlights
  • Roof Top Deck with Pool
  • Green Seal Certification
  • Solar Panels
  • Fully Furnished
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Luxury finishes
  • Elevator
  • Gym
  • Lounge
  • Lock off
  • Security
  • Underground parking
  • Multipurpose room
  • Communitary laundry room
  • Approved for your IRA
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