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Derek Melvin
Investment Advisor
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Derek Melvin

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Bienvenido – Welcome! My name is Derek Melvin and I’m originally from Boston Massachusetts. My first trip to Mexico was in 1999, when I sailed into the Riviera Maya on a 55 foot sailboat. I fell in love with the lifestyle, people, weather, and beaches! I initially stayed in Puerto Aventuras just enjoying life. Puerto, or PA as it’s often called, is an ex-pat community of about 3500 full time residents. After a few months, I thought it best I finally get a job, so I headed back to Boston.

After being up north in the cold for a few years, I decided to move back to Puerto Aventuras and, at 22 years of age, bought my first condo. Shortly thereafter I joined the U.S. Merchant Marine and started my new life that allowed me the freedom to live in Mexico half the year, and sail around the world the other half of the year.

In 2007, for reasons that still escape me, I decided to move back to the States and I bought a house in Naples, Maine. This was not my smartest move, and after 4 years I decided I needed to be back in Mexico. I had been speaking with a friend of mine off and on who owned a real estate business in Playa del Carmen. He told me I better get down there to see all the great opportunity happening and without giving it much thought, I said I’d see him in a couple of months. I sold my house and my toys, and came back to Puerto with my dog, Vanilla.

I’ve been with Investment Properties Mexico for about 3 years now, and couldn’t be happier. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful and amazed to live in such a beautiful place, it truly is Paradise and nothing compares. I hope you stop in and see me some day, or give me a call to talk about owning property in the Riviera Maya!

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